How did a drone get its name?

In 1935, the British produced several radio-controlled aircraft for use as targets for training purposes. It is believed that the term “drone” began to be used around this time, inspired by the name of one of these models, the DH. Years later, during World War I and World War II, engineers and companies built many unmanned vehicles. Archibald Low developed a radio guidance system for unmanned military drones; however, they were not autonomous because they had to be launched mechanically.

The army built a drone, an aerial torpedo, with a circuit to turn off the engine, but it fell to Earth during the flight. The British produced many radio-controlled aircraft to be used for training purposes. At that time, the term “drone” began to be used. In response, the De Havilland DH, 82B Queen Bee aircraft, a low-cost radio-controlled drone developed for aerial target shooting, was used.

Many consider it the first modern drone. The word drone was first used to refer to an unmanned aerial vehicle in 1946, but advances in drone technology in recent years have made the term much more common.

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